Measuring our impact on the Central Valley

We’re protecting the future of California’s Central Valley with clean and available water. Our Nitrate Control Program is part of our commitment to healthy communities and a thriving economy.

Free access to clean drinking water

Our top priority is providing our neighbors with access to safe drinking water. We provide free water to any qualifying household with groundwater that exceeds the nitrate drinking water standard. We test wells, deliver free water, and maintain water filling stations throughout California’ Central Valley.

Count of households receiving drinking water by Management Zone

Total Households Receiving Water

We provide free bottled water or a water treatment system to eligible households with a domestic well that exceeds drinking water standards. We distribute bottled water to homes and several areas have free public filling stations.

Wells tested since 2021

We offer free quality testing to help our neighbors determine if their well water is clean to drink.

Gallons of water distributed since 20211

Anyone qualified can get free drinking water at our public filling stations or have bottled water delivered at home.

Collaborating with the community

Our mission is to ensure access to clean drinking water while improving groundwater quality. We pursue our mission through collaborative, community-based programs focused on measurable impacts.

People engagements since 2021

We work everyday to increase awareness of our free well water testing and water delivery services.

Meetings & Events since 2021

We co-create solutions with Central Valley communities by getting face-to-face with people.

Moving forward with purpose

Our long-term commitment to the community and to the State of California is documented in specific plans for each Management Zone in the Central Valley.

Management Zones formed
PMZP and EAP submitted
Well testing and water delivery begins
FMZP and EAP submitted
FMZP approved
MZIP submitted
MZIP Regional Board Hearing